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What actually is AI?

Ten years ago, if you wanted to measure the retention risks of each of your gym members you would have to employ an entire team of data scientists and analysts. Well you can now do it with one piece of AI membership retention software like KeepMe.  So, what is AI? You probably already know that […]

NPS: Why it matters, who you should send it to, and how do you read the results?

Understanding why NPS could be helpful to your business when to send it, and how to interpret results will help businesses create a powerful action plan and retention strategy to increase customer loyalty, revenue, and business growth. A Net Promoter Score (NPS) is widely thought of as one of the optimum ways to measure how […]

Which came first, retention or referral?

Getting new member referrals is the holy grail of marketing; you’re turning your members into one-person marketing operations. So should referrals come before retention? Or do you need to improve gym retention to generate referrals? We investigate. Referral marketing is extremely powerful. People frequently talk about products and services that they get value from, and […]

Can encouraging your members to use SMART wearables improve your gym retention?

There’s been a massive boom in people using fitness tracking devices, from Google Fit to FitBit. Encouraging your gym members to use SMART wearables can actually increase gym retention. Let’s look at how this can be done. One of the major reasons people quit the gym is that they’re not seeing progress. Part of the […]

How do changing seasons affect your gym member attendance?

As the seasons change you have an opportunity to keep members active and engaged. To do this you need to understand how seasonal change affects attendance and how you can use these insights to improve gym retention. People are creatures of habit. Whilst the world around them stays the same, they are likely to stay […]

Do gym membership categories influence retention
Do gym membership categories influence retention?

Every gym approaches their membership offering differently, but they way you structure your plans can have a huge affect on member retention.

Engaging With Inactive Members | KeepMe
Engaging with inactive members – The Best Approach

At Keepme we believe your member data holds a lot of power if used correctly. When it comes to retention data can transform your approach and results.

Membership Retention - Do's and Don'ts
Membership Retention – DO’S and DON’TS

When it comes to member retention, we know it can be confusing, here are some easy tricks to help you keep your members happier, for longer.

Should your retention strategy be the same across all outlets?
Should your retention strategy be the same across all outlets?

Gym operators should consider creating a single, powerful retention strategy that remains consistent across all outlets as doing so enhances customer experiences, breeds customer loyalty, and keeps retention rates high.

Contract vs Pay As You Go
Contract vs. Pay As You Go: Members Who Commit To Staying

Should gym operators focus on persuading members to sign up for longer contract lengths, or is pay as you go better for retention? A careful combination might be the best way. Understanding what effect membership plans have on gym membership retention rates can provide a useful insight to enable operators to market one or the […]

Why Building Relationships With Members Matters
Why Building Relationships With Members Matters

Encouraging fitness staff to build positive customer relationships with gym members can have a significant impact on member retention. All smart business owners agree that building relationships is crucial when it comes to attracting and retaining new customers. For gym owners, this has never been more pertinent, and with competition fiercer than ever, they cannot […]

How Social Media Impacts Your Member Retention
How Social Media Impacts Your Member Retention

The social media efforts of a gym can have a significant impact on customer loyalty, increasing the perception of trustworthiness, creating substantial opportunities for interaction and communication and fostering a sense of belonging and community – all of which have a positive impact on member retention rates. With 2.45 billion monthly active Facebook users to […]

A Retention Dilemma
A Retention Dilemma: Should I ‘Wake Up’ My Inactive Gym Members?

Inactive members pose a unique challenge for businesses who want to improve their gym’s customer retention rate. We explore the best way to approach inactive gym members, giving several reasons why such members must be ‘woken up’.

Why Brand Partners build Brand Loyalty
Why Brand Partners build Brand Loyalty

Branding partnerships can be an intelligent move for those working on member retention strategies and can turn disengaged members into passionately loyal ones. When it comes to driving new customers to your business, retaining loyal ones, and securing business growth and success, branding is everything. With continuously increasing competition, gyms have had to fight harder […]

What Are The Warning Signs of At-Risk Members?
What Are The Warning Signs of At-Risk Members?

Identifying at-risk members is crucial. Gym members and their teams should familiarise themselves with the warning signs to enable them to intervene and provide support, encouragement, and inspiration to secure their continued membership once more.